Meredith Lee authored the Crispin Leads Mystery Series that launched in 2017 with the publication of Shrouded: A Crispin Leads Mystery. Meredith Lee is the pen name for Austin-based writers Dixie Lee Evatt and Sue Meredith Cleveland. If memory serves, the inspiration for Shrouded came one day on the front porch when a fly landed too close to Dixie’s gin and tonic. Sue grabbed a 1962 Life magazine from a pile destined for recycle, rolled it up, and tried to shoo the fly away. She missed the fly but hit the gin. While cleaning up the mess the ladies noticed the magazine cover featuring the lead story: “Scientists Close in on The Secret of Life.” Well, a gin or two later and the rest is history.

Cover of ShroudedSHROUDED: A Crispin Leads Mystery

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Insecure American graduate student Crispin Leads has come to the Vatican to study burial rituals and catch up with her oldest friend, Sister Lew, historian for the Shroud of Turin. Within hours of Crispin’s arrival she witnesses a murder and is drawn into an investigation of multiple homicides.

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WLT LogoShrouded is a Finalist in the 2017 Writers’ League of Texas Manuscript Contest 

IngramSpark Ignite Award - winner


*Cover art by Elizabeth Mackey