Crispin Leads Mystery Series

In this series we get to know Crispin Leads whose academic studies, family drama and personal demons lead her through danger to that lonely crossroads where new found truth and long-held beliefs collide.

Cover of ShroudedSHROUDED 

American grad student, Crispin Leads, is at the Vatican to study burial rituals and catch up with her friend, Sister Lew. Within hours of her arrival, Crispin witnesses a murder and is drawn into an investigation of multiple homicides. Meet ups with a young priest, Father Roberto Rossini, seem coincidental but she soon learns that little is left to happenstance in this palace of games. When Lew disappears, blame falls on Crispin and Roberto. Desperate to find Lew and prove their innocence, they make a run for it. In the days that follow they escape death and torture as they unravel the secrets of an unholy plot.

DIGGING UP THE DEADDigginUpTheDead_eBook-3

Digging Up the Dead finds our young scholar dodging murderers and outwitting con
artists on three continents as she tracks down the truth about the fabled Curse of King Tut’s Tomb, modern killers and horrific family secrets. Crispin must match wits with dark forces and battle personal demons if she is to dig up the long-buried truth. Move over King Tut.

  • Digging Up the Dead is selected as one of BlueInk Review’s 2018 Best Books of the Year